Energy Supply Contract (ESC) is a business model with which measures for renovating heating and cooling systems in buildings and the construction of district heating systems (e.g. systems for wood biomass and other renewable sources) are financed by the contractor. The contractor is paid from the services of energy supply in the contractual period. If certain conditions are met, the use of the principle in the public sector is not considered as public contracting authority borrowing.

The renovation or construction measures are performed by the contractor at their own expense. The invested funds are returned with a fixed price or charged power that the contracting authorities or users pay for the supplied heating energy or cooling (image 2). In the preparation stage, the contractor plans and implements the investment measures. This is followed by the main stage of the contractual relationship that encompasses refinancing of the investment input through management and supply of energy, the price of which is lower than the price that the contracting authority would be paying before the renovation. The usual duration of the contracting period is between 5 and 15 years.

The business model is used for performing renovations of energy systems in buildings, for performing transitions to other energy sources, installation of devices for co-production of electric power, heating and cooling – STPE, etc.


Picture: The principle of supply contract

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