The ELTEC TERMIS System for Technical Economic Optimisation

TERMIS is the leading software tool for improving hydraulic and thermal conditions and the effectiveness of district energy system management while simultaneously decreasing:
  • production costs
  • operating costs
  • customer complaints
  • larger investments
TERMIS is a user-friendly tool that helps fulfil the required standards and achieve business goals. It enables optimisation of inlet temperature and the operation of pump stations and production sources in real time and ensures quick return on an investment. It is daily used in more than 500 cities all around the world and helps in fulfilling the heating and cooling needs of more than 75 million people.

Picture: TERMIS operating station

We offer

  • consultation in planning improvement of district energy system operation
  • consultation in planning an expansion or rehabilitation of the grid
  • transfer of data from the GIS system into the TERMIS software tool
  • implementation of the TERMIS software modules into the client’s system
  • calibration of hydraulic and thermal parameters
  • training the client for using the tool
  • support and upgrade

Advantages for you


With TermisOperation, you get:
  • a simple graphical interface
  • a full overview of the grid
  • optimised production and distribution of energy
  • improved system for customer relations
  • measurable savings through lower heat losses
  • lower CO2 emissions
With TermisOperation, you can:
  • see your grid in real time
  • see past and future events
  • plan maintenance work
  • transfer alarms into the SCADA system
  • prevent errors
  • define own scenarios

You can read more about the TERMIS software tool and its modules in the leaflet.

More detailed information about the TERMIS software tool can be found on the website of the manufacturer Schneider Electric.


We are successful in providing comprehensive solutions that meet the special needs of our clients. See the page with references.

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