Comprehensive solutions for economical planning, construction, renovation and management of effective lighting systems in production and sports facilities and public lighting systems.



We provide comprehensive solutions for economical planning, construction, renovation and management of effective lighting systems.

The goals of the services

According to obtained data, lighting in the non-residential sector encompasses almost 40% of electric power consumption. Therefore, in this sector we are implementing comprehensive solutions of effective lighting by focusing on lowering energy consumption and environmental strain.

To implement effective lighting means:

  • to lower the electric power consumption for lighting
  • to lower the costs of electric power
  • to lower the costs of lighting maintenance
  • to implement systems for control and automation of lighting
  • to arrange the illumination of space or workplaces in accordance with regulations
  • to arrange public lighting in accordance with the latest regulations and standards and the Decree on Limit Values Due to Light Pollution of the Environment (UMVSOO)
  • to lower greenhouse gases emissions


Additional effects of implementing effective lighting:

  • optimum illumination of spaces
  • improved work performance and quality of work
  • optimum illumination of the area of public lighting
  • lowering the light pollution of the environment
  • improved quality of living
  • simpler lighting management
  • simpler lighting maintenance
  • performing the analysis of electric power consumption

Advantages for you

Within the framework of comprehensive solutions, we offer the following products:
  • The ELTEC EnergyWatch System for Comprehensive Management
  • Systems for remote supervision and control
  • System for reading electric power consumption at points for turning on the lighting
Through contributions that we publish at various consultations, conferences and in magazines, we wish to provide you with a broader understanding of the field of district energy and our knowledge of this field.

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