System for Remote Supervision and Control

As part of the solution for comprehensive management of water distribution systems, Eltec Petrol offers you implementation of systems for remote supervision and control (SCADA) of water distribution facilities and the distribution of drinking water. Based on rich experience and numerous references, we are offering you implementation of new as well as an upgrade or update of existing systems by utilising world renowned SCADA systems such as ProeaMovicon, GE i.Fix, Siemens WinCC, etc.

Pictures: Remote supervision and control of water distribution facilities

The remote supervision and control systems enable you to remotely supervise and manage technological processes as well as provide insight into the operation of the entire system (measurements and signalling in real time). The implementation of the remote supervision and control system provides the following key advantages:
  • Alarms: it enables effective action before the users feel the disturbance, because the system continuously warns about possible errors and difficulties in the system.
  • Data archiving: the system periodically archives custom system operation parameters. The parameters can be shown visually in several ways and make it possible to overview a custom period of operation of the water distribution facilities and the distribution itself. Thus, the system enables communication with consumers, the number of consumer complaints decreases and the archives also provide an excellent basis for analysing system operation and the achievement of savings (connection with the AQUIS system and ELTEC EnergyWatch.
  • On-line implementation of measures: the system enables on-line implementation of measures for all monitored facilities of the water distribution system from one control centre.
  • Automatic inventory of water consumption: due to remote reading of parameters, it is no longer required for meter recorders to make the rounds on a monthly basis to read meters at points of demand, because the water meters are recorded automatically by the system at the selected day and hour.

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